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Leading change in education 

Paragon Education Consulting was established in 2017 to provide research-based services to organizations seeking transformative change.  

  • Dynamic training to promote professional transformation
  • Effective evaluations to document service-based transformation
  • High-quality research to define transformation

We specialize in offering customized plans that increase achievement and promote excellence.  Whether you lead a school, a department, a district, or an organization, we can assist you in meeting your goals by exceeding expectations. With over 20 years of education and research experiences, we bring extensive knowledge to each client's needs.

Transformative change comes only when leaders plan for success.  With Paragon Education Consulting, we plan for your success -- together.  

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Amaarah DeCuir, Ed.D.
(571) 296-9119


True knowledge is not simply a memorized accumulation of facts, but rather ‘a light which floods the heart’.
— Imam Al Ghazali