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Recent academic literature confirms what Dr. DeCuir has researched extensively, that one of the best options for improving today’s schools lies in the under-utilized resources of our school leaders.  The leaders of our schools, both administrators and teacher-leaders, possess the ability to build an organizational culture through their manner of leadership and their administrative skills.  This culture can influence teachers’ motivation, impact student achievement, and leverage community perceptions of the school.  When leadership is executed well, the positive affect on a school is impressive and enduring.  Paragon Education Consulting uses classrooms to teach educational leaders to emphasize professional and scholarly excellence as a means to improve today’s schools.   

When teaching courses on Education Policy, it is essential to bridge students’ practitioner experiences and academic discussions.  Dr. DeCuir tends to include case study analysis to organize discussions surrounding policy implementation and analysis. Educational Advocacy courses offer a unique opportunity to both teach leadership theories and present research findings that support leadership in practice.  After establishing theoretical foundations for leadership, she leads students to recognize the connections between leadership and advocacy.  Her research agenda centers on educational research in P-12 school settings, and supports my teaching priorities in this discipline.  Dr. DeCuir is focused on producing scholarly research on gendered perspectives, policy implementation, cross-cultural settings, and leaders implementing culturally responsive educational practices. 

Dr. DeCuir's research informs her teaching priorities as she seeks to build a strong classroom setting that links practice, research, and theoretical foundations of educational research.

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First of all I want to thank you for taking our training program to a high level. We appreciate your involvement and can see the difference in our teachers.
— Sanober Yacoob of Radiant Hearts Academy

Thanks so much for your great presentation at CEP seminar. The teachers and I enjoyed your presentation so much. It was very helpful and to the point.
— Omaia Youssef of Children's Education Program