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Beyond the Clock Tower

Welcome to Beyond the Clock Tower

Too often, academic research is born and slowly dies within the halls of academia.  

Education research is designed by activists who are motivated to change.  They seek solutions to education inequities rooted in race, class, nationality and gender differences.  They promote dynamic leadership practices that enable classroom teachers to succeed.  And education researchers document the effects of public policy on the lived experiences of students, families, and educators.  But if education research lingers on the shelves of university libraries until it is simply cited by another researcher, it will not reach the educators it seeks to support.  

"Beyond the Clock Tower" is designed to communicate significant education research to education leaders in our nation's schools and districts.  With an emphasis on sharing research that promotes social justice, culturally responsive leadership, and policy analysis this blog will share best practices and analytical commentary with education leaders.  

Leave a comment.  Start a conversation.  Join me in sharing educational research Beyond the Clock Tower.  

Amaarah DeCuir