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Today's teachers must manage the classroom, maintain engagement, and increase achievement for all students.  But in a context of accountability and documentation, it's difficult to prioritize equity and inclusion.  Paragon Education Consulting specializes in training teachers to meet the needs of all of their students with the application of cutting edge research in teaching and learning.


Leading a school or an organization requires a commitment to change and an expertise in organizational learning.  With over ten years of non-profit school leadership, we can offer real solutions to guide today's leaders.  Paragon Education Consulting provides both workshops and extended support to facilitate the development of effective leadership practices that promote excellence and deliver results.


Organizations can plan forward when they have a better understanding of what they have accomplished.  Program evaluations provide descriptions, analysis, and recommendations that reflect an organization's industry.  Paragon Education Consulting excels in evaluating transformational practices and pedagogies to support an organization's plans for excellence.  


Education planning supports school leaders who are seeking to develop new priorities and implementation plans with a variety of stakeholders.  Our services assist you in establishing an educational plan that can map your organization's route to excellence.  Paragon Education Consulting provides expert knowledge in planning and assessment to facilitate both school improvement plans and accreditation reports.


The advancement of knowledge occurs when possibilities are supported real data.  Our research team can design an independent study to answer some of the most pressing questions that seek to answer why inequities persist and how the pursuit of social justice can be a viable solution.  Paragon Education Consulting excels in research that intersects gender, culture, and leadership.


Academic research is built on a strong foundation - the literature review.  It provides a scholarly review of published articles, reports, and leading authors that advance knowledge in a specific field of study.  Our literature reviews explore suitable methodologies and frameworks to enhance academic research.  Paragon Education Consulting specializes in conducting scholarly reviews of literature in the fields of education leadership, administration, and policy to support a variety of scholarly work.